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TECO SG2 Programmable Logic Relay

3rd Edition


Teco SG2 is a miniature smart Relay with a maximum of 44 I/O points and can be programmed in Relay Ladder Logic or FBD (Function Block Diagram) program. The SG2 can expand to its maximum I/O count by adding 3 groups of 4-input and 4-output modules.


Teco SG2 CPU units include the built-in LCD Display and Keypad. The keypad and display are most often used for changing timer/counter set points, controller mode changes (Run/Stop), uploading/downloading to the PM05 memory cartridge, and updating the RTC (Real Time Clock/Calendar).



Additional Features for the 3rd Edition

  • 16 x 4 LCD Backlit Display
  • Input - Pt100 (optional temperature module)
  • Output - Analog (optional 0-10V or 0-20mA module)
  • Daylight Savings Mode
  • Larger Memory Capacity

Free Teco SG2 Client Software

Although, logic programming can be performed from the keypad and display, it is highly recommended to only perform logic changes using the free SG2 Client software - dual mode off-line simulations allow testing of the entire program within the programming environment or graphically with the virtual PLR using the SG2 Client Software, available free for download.

SG2 Client Programming Software.
Product Drivers.

Teco SG2-12HR-D
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SG2 Expansion Module